19 May 2020

The best photos of the 2019-20 season

One more year, we want to share with the whole community a selection of the best photos of this season 19-20.

Unique moments immortalized enjoying the mountain and the snow that deserve to be remembered.

Thank you all for sharing your best moments in the mountains this 2019-20. We were surprised by the incredible photos we received.

Cerro Castor (Argentina) @lexlutor
Carlit (Spain) @aricmp
Cerro Castor (Argentina) @alf130476
Les Deux Alpes (France) @alicou34
Ilha do Faial (Azores) @mbigas
Ordino Arcalís (Andorra) @mpallas
Ordino Arcalís (Andorra) @mpallas
Masella (Spain) @ivan sanz tusell
SilverStar Mountain (Canada) @equigal
Madonna di Campiglio (Italy) @aburrini
Breuil-Cervinia (Italy) @paulcharbonnier
Breuil-Cervinia (Italy) @paulcharbonnier
Grand Tourmalet (France) @Xfilez
Masella (Spain) @Ivo98
Masella (Spain) @Miquelet2
Sierra Nevada (Spain) @electroclima2004
Grandvalira (Andorra) @jorgefaria
Les Angles (France) @Buscail
Norefjell (Norway) @EspenB
Trysil (Norway) @MJuf
Combloux (France) @HUBBY
Val d’Isère (France) @pabgg
Candanchú (Spain) @JuanCarSol
La Rosiere (France) @FPVjust4fun
Aussois (France) @tesnier
Pralognan la Vanoise (France) @Alexandre73000
Alleghe UP (Italy) @Pavala-Nicolaie
Chamrousse (France) @supasaiyagin
Madonna di Campiglio (Italy) @kusiol
Fernie (Canada) @twich999
Äre (Sweden) @marcesna
Masella (Spain) @bausilisilvia
Stranda (Norway) @Rubz
Chamrousse (France) @diaballik
Piau Engaly (France) @lala_piau
Cauterets (France) @heto
Boí Taüll (Spain) @or10L4X

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To do this, set the app to summer mode and look out for all the challenges that we’ve got lined up for you.

But always with responsibility and following all the recommendations given the current state.

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