3 May 2021

Summary of the 20-21 season

April saw the end of the ski season in a large part of the Northern Hemisphere. Without a doubt, we’ve just finished one of the toughest seasons to date, marked by the pandemic and mobility restrictions in many parts of the world. This has kept many of us away from the slopes.

Despite this, the entire Skitude team would like to thank you for contributing—given the unprecented conditions this year—to keeping the spirit of skiing alive and continuing to gain new enthusiasts of this wonderful sport year after year.

As expected, we’d like to share with you our annual summary with the highlights of this unusual 2020-2021 ski season.

It’s clear that COVID-19 has had a strong impact on our sector, but even so, we’re extremely proud of the wonderful community of more than 2 million skiers in over 150 countries which we have.

The closure of many ski resorts has brought many difficulties for traditional skiing and snowboarding, leading to a drop in these types of activities according to our data. Even so, this fact has not posed an obstacle to snow lovers and lovers of the great outdoors to engage in sports individually, in a safe environment out in the open air.

Not surprisingly, recorded activity has dropped in most countries this season. Nevetheless, we’ve detected a significant increase in activity (compared with the previous season) in certain countries where the pandemic and/or mobility restrictions did not have such a great impact:

To bid this summary of the 2020-2021 season farewell, we want to share with you the TOP 3 skiing photos that got the most number of Likes within the Skitude community:

If you missed our TOP 30 skiing photos of the season which we shared recently, you can see them here.

So, what’s next? The ski season is over, but we’ll continue to accompany you on your adventures this summer. To do so, you only have to set the application to summer mode. If you don’t know how to do this, here’s how. Stay tuned for all the challenges we’ve got ready for you for summer.

See you in the mountains!


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