7 July 2021

Skitude’s Summer mode: Share and make the most of your outdoor activities

With Skitude’s summer mode, you will be able to register all your activities: indoor or outdoor

Here comes the sun, and it is here to stay. After this long, cold and lonely winter, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope and relief, don’t you agree? At Skitude, we understand you. We know what’s going on in your head. You have missed ski resorts lately. So badly. Mental disconnections on the slopes to release adrenaline, snowboarding, skiing… It has been tough not to be able to enjoy our passion due to Covid, but it looks like the dog days are over. And you probably want things to be back to normal, like enjoying sports, nature and adventure again. Especially this summer. 

That is why we are contacting you. Because you probably link Skitude with winter, the slopes and snow. That is why we decided to take one step beyond. And that is why we created the outdoor/summer mode. Paying tribute to all of you who tend to adapt your passion for nature and sports to each and every single station of the year. Skitude is your best ally to make the most of all adventures that await you in the coming three months. Your best app to practice sports, regardless of the discipline or moment of the year.

Follow these simple steps: In the lower left corner of the screen, inside your Skitude app, click “Resort.” Choose any resort. Click on the setting icon in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, switch to “Summer mode.” As always, you will be able to register all your activities: indoor or outdoor, mountain or urban, kayaking or trail. And for just 2.5 euros a month, thanks to premium mode, you do not  even need to carry your mobile phone with you in order to immortalize your activities. If you are one of those who like to disconnect from the noise and daily routines when you turn yourself to “adventure mode” you are lucky. Apple Watch will help you make the most of it with the ability to leave your smartphone at home. Gain access to statistics like vertical drop, highest speed, average speed, etc. A must for your summer holidays. The app for mountain sports… or simply sports.

At Skitude, we like to build community. That’s why we created our app sharing your passion for sports and adventure. We wanted to enhance and build relationships and friendships among people with the same shared interest of outdoor activity. That is why, every month, we host different events. Sometimes, we challenge our users to become the person who goes further on the slopes, bike park, etc. Sometimes, it is not about beating records, but about motivating you to follow some routines to be able to take part in a drawing and win Go Pros, skiing and hiking material, etc. And occasionally, we encourage you to share the most amazing pictures of your holidays or hikes. We consider this an amazing way of building community. 

Keep an eye on the different challenges that we release every month. Baron de Coubertin said that “the most important thing is not winning but taking part.”. Though we agree, we also support Groucho Marx’s view when he said that “happiness is made of little things, a little yacht, a little mansion… a little fortune.”. That is the reason for which we want to award our challenge participants with technology and sports equipment too. 

In any case, a person who has been linked to sports since childhood knows well that the most important thing is not the goal, but the journey. Our will, again, is to encourage you and let you find that extra motivation to go the extra mile, regardless of the sport that you practice the most, whether it be cycling, athletics, hiking, snowboarding or skiing.

At the same time, we have created another additional aspect to our app in order to make your experience in the mountains unforgettable. We have analyzed the different hotspots of the most remarkable places and we have created suggestions to go through the most remarkable routes near you. We might surprise you and uncover an unknown alternative to you. 

Remember that you will also be able to make the most of all our services: Book accommodation comparing the best rates on the market, find restaurants, check the services available in your mountain destination, and much more. 

To sum it up, Skitude was born in order to make the most of your experiences on the mountain. That is why we adapt our app to the summer season. Enjoy the sun, nature and sports. Enjoy Skitude. 


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