22 December 2021

Enjoy the Premium profile for free this season!

Discover all the features that you will have available this 10th season of Skitude completely free of charge.

Where? Choose the app that you like the most and synchronize your Skitude profile to enjoy all the features wherever you want. See compatible applications.

Detailed statistics

The app allows you to track your activity and get in depth stats such as accumulated descent, tracked speed and number of runs made. Now, with Skitude Premium your tracks are also divided up into runs, so you get more detailed stats for each run you’ve made.

Would you like to know exactly where you have skied?

For your whole track and for each run, you can check out the slopes you’ve skied down to see specific information about each one: difficulty, altitude, distance, time tracked and speed.

How do I access all this information?

Open your Skitude profile and choose the track you want to analyze.

Once opened, you’ll see that the app shows a wealth of data:

RUN ANALYSIS: In this section you’ll see the details of every descent made.

  • Select “see all” to view all your runs
  • Click on the run you want to analyze

Get information on: distance recorded on each slope, descent, and tracked speed.

SLOPE ANALYSIS BY DIFFICULTY: This shows the percentage of runs made for each color/difficulty of slope and allows you to analyze your tracked activity levels in a very visual way.

MOST SKIED SLOPES: Select “see more” to view all the slopes you’ve skied.

Speed Heatmaps

Heatmaps provide a useful overview analyzing the speed recorded at each point of your track.

The app records the speed at every point of the track using a color, according to a color scale. Higher speeds are shown as warmer colors and lower speeds as cold colors.

To open your general track heatmap, just follow these steps:

  • Open the track you want to analyze
  • Click on the speed button above the map

You can also open the heatmaps for each run made. To do this you just:

  • Go to the “run analysis” section
  • Select the run you want to analyze
  • Click on the speed button above the map

Play your tracks in 3D

One of the great features of Skitude Premium is the ability to play your tracks back in 3D. At the end of your ski day, the App will create a 3D video of your track which you can share with the Skitude community and/or on social media.

New! 3D Tracks without limits: 3D videos of your tracks can now be generated from anywhere on the map, not only from the slopes of a ski resort. In addition, we have improved the maps for the 3D winter Tracks with more modern textures and we offer a new background layer of orthophotos to represent your outdoor activities.

To open any 3D playback of your tracks:

  • Select the track you want to analyze in your My Skitude profile
  • Click on the 3D button above the map
  • The track will play back automatically

Apple Watch Synchronization

Last but not least, Skitude Premium also lets you control the GPS Tracker with your Apple Watch. This way, tracking on the slopes is much easier and all your progress and information is available on your own wrist. And, you save your iPhone battery and don’t have to carry it around with you. All the information is automatically synchronised with your account.

How to use your Apple watch with the app?

Without having to use your mobile phone, select the activity you want to track and control it using your watch.

With the Apple watch App you can:

  • Select the activity you’re going to record
  • Play, pause or completely stop your track
  • Get real-time track information like: time, distance or speed

When you finish your track, all the information will be saved in your My Skitude profile. You can open all the other features with your fully charged mobile phone. Cool, isn’t it?

How do I synchronize my watch?

To synchronize your watch and your phone, follow these steps:

  • On your phone, go to the Apple Watch app
  • On the “My Watch” tab scroll down  until you see the “Available apps” section
  • Instal the Skitude app on your watch and follow the instructions. This step can only be done with the two devices together and open at the same time.
  • When you close the menu, your Apple watch should be completely synchronized. To open the other features, you’ll no longer need to open them on your mobile. Track, compete and win prizes, while saving your phone battery at the same time 😉

Amazing, right? Well, on this occasion of our 10th winter season, you have all these features available for free in all apps compatible with Skitude. What are you waiting for? Don’t limit your experience on the slopes!


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