4 February 2021

Ski touring: The great protagonist of this season

An atypical ski season, but still marked by sport, mountain and snow in much of the world.

The data we have collected from the more than 100 apps compatible with Skitude shows that in this season compared to 2019-2020, there has been a significant increase in the registered activities of ski touring (42%), cross-country skiing (92%) and snowshoeing (11%).

Data collected from Skitude App and compatible ski resort apps

The significant increase in these types of activities has mainly been a consequence of the pandemic situation we are living in, and the eagerness of people to practice sports individually in a safe environment and outdoors. In addition, more and more people want to experience activities in a natural and unique environment, and these types of sports activities are ideal for that.

This winter season has brought with it many difficulties for mountain resorts and for the traditional practice of skiing and snowboarding, causing these types of activities to decrease according to our data. Even so, snow and outdoor enthusiasts have been able to adapt to this new situation to continue enjoying winter sports.

However, remember that to practice this type of discipline in a healthy and safe way, it is essential to know the environment well, have the necessary equipment and a good technique.

From all of us at Skitude we encourage you to register your activities with the app and interact with the community. Follow those users who share their ski mountaineering, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing activities in your area. And thus, inspire yourself in your own outings to the mountain.


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