23 December 2019

New season, new look & feel

At Skitude we are always working hard to bring you good news. It now has become customary for us to give ourselves new challenges each season aimed at improving all our products. We’re not scared of change…it motivates us!

This season there are lots of new features, so we wanted to update our image to present a more modern and, importantly, skiing-themed image.

Have you seen everything that’s new for the 2019/20 season? Take a look and don’t miss anything this season!

New logo and corporate colours

You’ll see that our image has changed quite a bit. But…Where?

First, in the most important place: the Skitude App. We have also redesigned the website and applied the new look & feel to our blog and social media profiles.

We wanted a makeover, but without losing what makes us who we are. And after thinking about it for a long time, we thought it was the right time to change the logo a bit.

We decided to include the precision of our tracker with our love of mountains. That led us to merge the needle of the GPS compass into the mountain, which is where all the activity happens.

We also updated the brand colours to convey our passion for snow. Of course white, the colour of snow, will still be our main colour.

We have also added two new colours, including blue, a colour that connects us with both nature and technology, and a contrasting secondary colour of marsala, which conveys energy and dynamism like skis and snowboards.

The Skitude app has also been updated with the brand’s new look & feel. What do you think? We absolutely love it. But you should see it for yourself! Update the app now to see the new image and explore everything that’s new.

New beginnings

The world of snow has been our clear passion from the beginning. Our goal? It has always been the same: to transform the experience of skiers through technology. We created the first version of the app in 2011.

We always keep the idea of transforming skiers’ experience in mind and we believe that gamification is our best secret weapon. We certainly love it when you have a great time on the slopes, and even better if you can win prizes while doing so, right?

That’s when we decided that Skitude should be much more than a skiing app. We introduced challenges to all our apps with the first brand redesign.

Four seasons ago we made our last big change with the new logo. We wanted to set ourselves apart from the other apps even more, if possible, and focus on your experience on the slopes. Last season we introduced the Premium version of Skitude for the first time, letting you take your experience on the slopes of any ski resort worldwide to the next level.

Skitude then became the only application that could give you detailed information about all your runs (slopes skied, difficulty levels, and playing back your activities in 3D).

So, what did you think? We love seeing ourselves evolve each year to offer you the best products. If you still haven’t updated the app, wait no longer and do it now.

Ready to start tracking your activities on the slopes?

Download the Skitude app now and log, compete and win all year long!


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