26 November 2020

New and better features for the 2020-21 ski season

The new ski season is approaching and all signs are pointing to very favourable snow forecasts. Despite the current situation, which will make for a somewhat special season, we’re optimistic. We’re already counting the days until we can go back up the mountain and feel powder beneath our feet.

As always, before the season begins, we’d like to tell you what’s new. Thanks to your comments over the past few months, we’ve incorporated new features and improvements to make your ski days even better.

Find out all about the improvements below:

New! Recognise your friends’ efforts with likes

Receive and share likes in the biggest ski community around. What better way to keep your friends motivated and recognise their efforts than through likes? You can also grab their attention and that of other users with your best photos and most interesting tracks. Share your activities on other social networking sites to make your content more visible.

New! Notifications centre

In the top left corner, we’ve included a notifications centre so that you can find any messages you’ve received that are particularly interesting. Such as information about challenges, snow forecasts, likes from your contacts, new followers, etc. This will help you stay abreast of all you need to know to improve your experience on and off the slopes.

An analysis of your tracks at a glance

We’ve implemented some improvements on the track analysis screen. Now you can more easily see the best metrics on your activities, including data on descents, elevation or total distance skied, among other things. You can also view your tracks on a speed map and in 3D format much more quickly. Finally, this new view will offer you a full summary of your descents at the blink of an eye, helping you to improve descent after descent.

Improvements in your personal profile

With the aim of improving usability within the app, we’ve redesigned your personal profile area.

Firstly, at the top, we’ve created a way of accessing your followers and the profiles you’re following. Just below the summary of your activity, we’ve also added a photo gallery, where you can relive all your snowy escapes and share them with whoever you like.

We’ve redesigned the menu to make it more practical and clearer, unifying the track and photo sections into one: Activities. Here, you can see all your tracks and any photos you took along the way.

We’re fully committed to ensuring we offer you the best so that you can enjoy your snow and mountain experiences even more. We take all comments and requests we receive very seriously, so please don’t hesitate to send us your thoughts so that we can offer you, our skiers, the absolute best.

See you on the mountain!


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