29 March 2021

5 Reasons to go spring skiing

Spring is here. The short winter days are subsiding and the days are becoming longer, warmer and brighter. This is a sign that the ski season is coming to an end. So it’s time to make the most of this last stretch and squeeze every last bit out of our skis or board.

As we get deeper into spring the temperatures start rising, the days get longer and the sun beats stronger on the mountainsides. This causes more melting and makes the snow softer, but also makes it fluffy and fun, and easier for kids to learn.

The fact is that spring skiing can be much better and more fun than skiing in winter. And I’m going to give you 5 reasons to go spring skiing:

Longer, sunny days

Spring skiing means enjoying very pleasant light and temperatures all day long. This would be unthinkable in the cold winter months.

You’re much more likely to have a sunny ski day with good visibility than in winter. And there’s significantly less chance of finding lifts closed due to bad weather. You can find all this information about the slopes and weather conditions in the Skitude App resort profiles.

Don’t forget, when you go skiing at this time of year it’s important to protect your skin from the sun much more so than in winter.

Fewer skiers at resorts

After a long, cold winter, when the good weather starts to take over, most people finish their ski seasons to spend more time on beach and water activities. This is good news for those of us who like to ski until the last day of the season.

For true skiers, spring is a time when the slopes are much more enjoyable. No lines. Crowds are down, giving us more space to go a little faster down the slope and take big wide turns without worrying about collisions. It’s time to squeeze the most out of every last day.

The snow

In spring the snow will offer you many challenges but also plenty of freedom. This is due to the fact that it transforms much quicker during the day and depending on the elevation. So in a single day, you can find all the different types of snow, which will help you improve your technique.

Even though the days are longer, we recommend getting to the slopes early and enjoying the perfect snow conditions early in the morning. As the day goes on the snow will quickly get slushy, sending you in search of higher elevations, north-facing if possible.

Better weather

Unlike the winter months, spring gives us very pleasant temperatures, making it possible to ski without wearing a half dozen layers to keep warm. Being less bundled up makes us lighter and gives us freedom of movement to enjoy skiing that much more.

This also makes it easier for kids to spend time in the snow. They’ll enjoy skiing more, learn quicker and become fast fans of this wonderful sport.


As temperatures rise, prices fall. That’s because resorts often offer reduced prices on most of their services at the end of the season. And ski packages can often have unbeatable prices during this time.

If you’re someone who likes to go skiing without having to drag all your own equipment from home, or you don’t have any equipment at all, it could be a good time to hire it directly on the slopes at very good prices. And that’s not all, because as a member of the Skitude community, your ski equipment can be up to 50% cheaper. Here’s the link for anyone who may be interested.


Spring undoubtedly offers unique conditions to end the ski season in the best possible way. Good weather, quieter resorts, special offers… An endless number of advantages that are worth taking advantage of and enjoying with friends and family. There’s no doubt about it, spring skiing is for us. What about you?


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