March’s Challenge - Half “Marchaton”

Sponsored by Skitude

When and where

From 01/03/2023 to 31/03/2023


Ski or snowboard a half-marathon


Your favorite skis or snowboard


Your passion for snow activities can lead you to win some skis! But we won't make it easy for you...

What do you have to do?

Go the distance of a half-marathon (21 km) in one day on skis or snowboard using your GPS tracker in the app. A winner will be randomly selected from among all the qualifiers.


What will you win?

Freeride skis, mountain skis, a snowboard... As we don't want to leave anyone out, the winner will be able to choose their favorite skis or snowboard from the Snowinn website for a maximum of €800.

So... Do you dare to ski or board a half-marathon?


- This challenge is auto-enrolled -

Once the challenge is over, the winner will be announced on Skitude's communication channels (email and social networks).

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1Current leaderGMKubo21.5 km
2RYRY71.2 km
3Kootenaycoldsmoke33.4 km
4Javi_PA27.8 km
5elPiko44.0 km
6IRION27.9 km
7jasonmrzhang38.2 km
8Delbertista65.7 km
9jaclynh56.5 km
10Eric270624.4 km
11AndyJ58.5 km
12Kapp55.0 km
13Zoffer26.2 km
14Hayden0940350.2 km
15Michelbr140.5 km
16Anduh51.9 km
17Moondog51.3 km
18gilles_paquette26.8 km
19jyprimar 200050.9 km
20JackPaq39.3 km
21Kakelwind52.4 km
22tomdraco38.6 km
23staalef33.9 km
24ROE150521.9 km
25Gata51.4 km
26berghylla7259.8 km
27rodolfofuentealba24.3 km
28andrea sci35.4 km
29AGV7642.4 km
30csanta23.9 km
31magafaso59.1 km
32Choupinet43.2 km
33JaimePascual34.7 km
34Salunas6447.4 km
35cardot56.4 km
36livewild78118.2 km
37aioaizkorbe23.1 km
38RickardRyen43.2 km
39EulaliaRomeu55.5 km
40BenM93.4 km
41piolin7778.7 km
42mimemismo79.8 km
43emobe2328.3 km
44manguitas55.3 km
45REGINE37.5 km
46vllorente54.9 km
47PASCALOU38.7 km
48BertaBB48.5 km
49sositana37.0 km
50chechus1656.3 km