N'PY Challenge

Sponsored by N'PY

When and where

From 24/02/2023 to 23/04/2023


Track more than 21 km in one day


Glisshop snow goggles



Because the season is still far from over, N'PY and Glisshop present their Half-Marathon challenge to you! To be won: 10 Glisshop snow goggles


What do you need to do?

To participate in the draw, you must register using the tracker included in the application at least 21 km of descent in one day, in any of the N'PY stations (Cauterets, Gourette, Grand Tourmalet, La Pierre Saint Martin, Luz-Ardiden, Peyragudes, Piau-Engaly).


What can you win?

At the end of the challenge, 10 people will be drawn among all those who have completed the challenge, and will win a snow goggles offered by GlissShop.


How do I know if I have won?

At the end of the challenge period, the winners will be contacted by N'PY to announce their victory and give them the prizes!


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1Current leadersMartinUp32.1 km
2AndyJ23.9 km
3rwjkennedy33.2 km
4fedewax43.6 km
5sander42025.2 km
6aaaaaz21.1 km
7Gio12327.0 km
8AndreaGatto44.7 km
9Isaac574436.4 km
10Serni26.9 km
11Rivangelo30.4 km
12RYRY29.5 km
13INGRID48.5 km
14malakas37.4 km
15AndyJ26.3 km
16francisPare30.2 km
17Cucciolo137.4 km
18ssantucc25.0 km
19Irmantas24.2 km
20wolve8131.0 km
21AndreaGatto43.5 km
22gigidox30.2 km
23SOULSKI180.6 km
24vincesciarre51.3 km
25AndyJ22.6 km
26francisPare33.4 km
27suszti28.5 km
28Aninas3933.6 km
29wolve8126.2 km
30andrea sci40.9 km
31erika948341.2 km
32SOULSKI171.7 km
33AndyJ22.4 km
34Krislilly34.6 km
35Chambs35.0 km
36SOULSKI136.2 km
37erika948332.8 km
38andrea sci45.1 km
39ivo197532.5 km
40malakas30.1 km
41AndyJ30.7 km
42andrea sci39.7 km
43gege7349.8 km
44AGV7635.7 km
45Onafets6956.4 km
46bill220yyc23.3 km
47banditswife22.2 km
48skirho23.4 km
49coco-rush40.5 km
50andrea sci41.9 km