Ski RCR Challenge

Sponsored by Ski RCR

When and where

From 15/02/2023 to 15/04/2023


Accumulate the maximum number of km in descent


4 Prizes to win from


 Ski and win multiple prizes for RCR!


What do you need to do? It’s simple:

Track your days at RCR and accumulate the maximum number of kilometers in descent using the app’s GPS tracker.

The skier/boarder who tracks the most km will win! You have until April 15th to accumulate km!


What can you win?

1st Prize: 2 Nights at Trickle Creek Lodge at Kimberley Alpine Resort or 2 Nights at Stoneham Hotel (Cannot be used during holiday periods)

2nd Prize: $200 Food & Beverage Gift Card (Can be used at RCR West Resorts or RCR East Resorts)

3rd Prize: 2 Lift Tickets (Can be used at any RCR resort)

But wait, there’s more! Among all the participants, we will select two winners of a single-day lift ticket for the 2023.24 winter season that can be used at any RCR resort.


- This challenge is auto-enrolled -

Once the challenge is over, the winner will be announced on Skitude's communication channels (email and social networks).

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1Current leaderMichelbr949443 m
2elPiko256504 m
3tom56233910 m
4Rindog211523 m
5GMKubo158693 m
6RobB108109333 m
7BryceJ105579 m
8uhlmon104483 m
9Kootenaycoldsmoke93641 m
10HeyDubya91759 m
11kkstockil91549 m
12cerish86745 m
13DCole86165 m
14wahly85846 m
15Tbar83386 m
16Jonny5spice81651 m
17Krislilly78581 m
18Chambs76378 m
19bluearch74051 m
20LaurieB10873372 m
21Rkisme64484 m
22cln42763347 m
23MamaDJ60220 m
24DanniM59880 m
25dustin653635 m
26Cottonballs53175 m
27RogerD52445 m
28davefortin51397 m
29KateTheGreat51338 m
30JPerryCreguer50686 m
31Zubes50266 m
32johnr49868 m
33Kelsi_J49572 m
34szymiec45306 m
35Faddy41961 m
36MRHnew41703 m
37Reggie_H40966 m
38TT200538369 m
39Alexkim37458 m
40Wolfthorn34562 m
41Pilotgirl34359 m
42Yanzi33559 m
43tshire32071 m
44jasonmrzhang32011 m
45RyanStreker31442 m
46NathanClifton31368 m
47rwjkennedy30602 m
48LordRendar29591 m
49enjay29514 m
50MelanieG29174 m