3-DAY Challenge

Sponsored by Skitude

When and where

From 01/06/2023 to 01/10/2023


Track 3 days of activity (summer or winter)


GoPro HERO10 Black


Win a GoPro HERO10 Black and capture all your outdoor adventures!


How to take part?

Skiing, mountain biking, hiking or even paragliding, any outdoor activity is welcome.

Open the GPS Tracker and record your favorite winter or summer activity. When you have 3 days* of logged activity, you'll be entered into a drawing for a GoPro.

Once the challenge is over, the winner will be announced on Skitude's conventional channels (email and social networks).


*Requirements: the distance of each track must be equal to or greater than 5 km.  

By agreeing to participate in this challenge, you agree to the following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  

1Current leaderAlvaro196595 Days
2BenM77 Days
3Mathdig68 Days
4martin5462 Days
5Benedito58 Days
6Axurrupa55 Days
7Assumpta1954201752 Days
8josep5047 Days
9Dacblx42 Days
10Claudiog34 Days
11Augustinho32 Days
12aavila32 Days
13clodiane32 Days
14isards32 Days
15Maktubd30 Days
16hedgehog_ski30 Days
17perecato28 Days
18Juste_un_Enfant27 Days
19Tomasgareaenduro27 Days
20GonzaGareca26 Days
21lbalbi25 Days
22fernando23 Days
23juanma9323 Days
24sebakoll23 Days
25jftveten22 Days
26joaoteixeira090722 Days
27Alvaro_Aristegui21 Days
28mauriciovaldivia21 Days
29verolima9821 Days
30jmaubo20 Days
31lucif20 Days
32CaroSam19 Days
33TinoHessen19 Days
34DiLuX18 Days
35Francyuz18 Days
36MartinCZ18 Days
37andreaalbareda16 Days
38Alejwerner15 Days
39AndreaGatto14 Days
40LeandroLL14 Days
41Mork14 Days
42PetraLaukova14 Days
43VeroPi14 Days
44Collard Bovy Pablo13 Days
45chalten913 Days
46festral13 Days
47skitahoe13 Days
48Clement0000012 Days
49MAmiot12 Days
50Rusoooo12 Days