Skibowl Challenge

Sponsored by Mt. Hood Skibowl

When and where

From 01/12/2022 to 16/04/2023


Accumulate the maximum number of km


2023/24 Season Pass & more!



Ski and win incredible prizes for Mt. Hood Skibowl! 


What do you need to do? It's simple:

Track your days at Mt. Hood Skibowl and accumulate the maximum number of kilometers in descent using the app’s GPS tracker. The skier who tracks the most km during the season will win! You have until the last day of the season to accumulate km! 


What can you win?

  • 1st place: Unlimited Season Pass w/ski check for the 23-24 season
  • 2nd place: Unlimited Night Season Pass w/ski check for the 23-24 season
  • 3rd place: Unlimited Night Season Pass for the 23-24 season

But wait, there's more! Among all the participants, we will select two random winners of:

  • Any Shift Ticket (valid for any skiing shift for that day. 9-4 or 3-10pm) for the 23-24 season
  • Any Night Lift Ticket for the 23-24 season 


Will you miss this opportunity? Open the app and start tracking your descents!


The winners will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels: email and Instagram. 

By agreeing to participate in this challenge, you agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

1Current leaderRYRY992.9 km
2CherylD379.3 km
3fastfishskier297.0 km
4huckchuck283.5 km
5robfyke224.8 km
6Shippy206.5 km
7szakreski71171.0 km
8kary920131.6 km
9wyeaster118.1 km
10NickGrz111.9 km
11babooz111.4 km
12Delbertista102.6 km
13mckbarbera101.4 km
14RenKai98.2 km
15Thissell86.5 km
16JosiesDad71.5 km
17Big_Q67.6 km
18Caitk66.5 km
19CameronJM65.3 km
20kimster1263.3 km
21MSP123161.1 km
22Song-Song59.1 km
23mattridingtheslopes51.5 km
24emmahugs50.1 km
25kate_beard47.3 km
26snowboarderEvan45.3 km
27tbourbeau34.5 km
28LaHerrera33.7 km
29hoodstreet33.1 km
30AJPT28.6 km
31fastsnipercow27.0 km
32schimmy26.6 km
33TillyTill26.2 km
34Fckdapopo42023.3 km
35EmilyS22.3 km
36DMoney921221.6 km
37rusties720.5 km
38Wheaties20.3 km
39Tanner1220.1 km
40adriadriadri19.7 km
41Browngnar19.5 km
42jennzelik18.9 km
43blorenzen18.1 km
44Erickf95117.7 km
45liamaric17.6 km
46Toman117.3 km
47BennyBoi15.0 km
48rowanj13.9 km
49Kmxxi12.0 km
50DJ_278.4 km